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How to hire front end developer?

Front-end development is by far the most important aspect of any digital tool ever made. Because this is what the target audience looks at and gets an understanding of what the company is all about. Thus, builds a very crucial first impression. In another word, Front-end development depicts the success of a business.

Therefore, leaders make sure to have the best Front-end developers on the team, who can make their websites, application, or software appealing, engaging, functional, and clean.

With the importance of Front-end development, hiring a Front-end developer is not an easy task. Moreover, from the small pool of top talents with proper training and experience. It can get time-consuming and yet be hard on your budget.

Well, here is where Esurgent can help by providing remote Dedicated Front-end developers for hire.

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Esurgent offers experienced Front-end developers who well polished and wide skills by working on many projects as a part of in-house our development team.

They have expertise in  HTML, CSS, JavaScript and its frameworks, Other front-end frameworks, RESTful APIs, responsive design, data management systems, testing, bug solving, Git control, etc to help you with Front-end development requirements. And you can hire these Front-end experts as a dedicated resource to work with you and your team directly.

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Dedicated Front-end developers from Esurgent can help with

HTML/CSS development

Our Front-end developers ensure to bide by W3C standards and follow coding standards that are Cross-browser compatible

Full-stack Web development

Complete expertise in Web architecture, system infrastructure, and other communication protocols to build interactive front-end for the back-end.

Custom Web application development

Bring out the best interaction and responsive front-end architectures that enclose your unique brand values.

CMS development

Get the best Content management system designed and developed with Front-end developers hired from our team

Data migration & maintenance

Data is everything, and utmost care & expertise are needed to migrate, manage, and distribute data on the digital platforms. Our Front-end experts provide you with accurate solutions.

Front-end optimisation solutions

Give fine-tuning to your website functions and enhance the performance with our Front-end optimization services.

Hire a Front-end developer in simple 4 steps


Tell us what skills you require for Front-end development


We match you with the best developers we have


Set up interview


Add the resource to your team and start working with sign up of NDA/SLA

Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Front-end developer from Esurgent


Save time Sourcing candidates


Onboard top talents


Esurgent’s Safe-Net and security


No Obligation Interview only hire the developer you like


Less cost More quality


No pre-hire obligations


Easily extendable contracts

Why Hire Front-end developers from Esurgent?

We have Front-end developers who are working with us for years and have helped us build the solutions for many of our global clients for their different requirements. And help us scale the best possible solution for any Front-end development.

Moreover, they have sharped skills in the below listed most important skillset any front-end experts should have:

  • High-end HTML/CSS proficiency

By far the most important skill a Front-end developer needs to have. These help the developer to create web page structure and add the style & design as required. And definitely one should not hire a Front-end resource with only basic knowledge of these languages. At Esurgent, we only provide Front-end developers who have enough experience and know them inside out of this skill-set.


  • Knowledge of the latest front-end frameworks

Front-end frameworks as essential to building web applications. Namely, AngularJS, ReactJS, EmberJS, jQuery, and more. Our Front-end developers are not just familiar with these frameworks but also have thorough knowledge about each frameworks usability and what to work with for the specific requirement.

  • Better Understanding of Test-driven development

Test-driven development means development with no duplication of code, bug-free programs, and more. A Fron-end developer should know well how to work with Test-driven approach for Front-end development to have the codes tested at the primary level so there are zero errors in the secondary stages.


  • Knowledge of CSS preprocessors

Front-end developers on our team have in-depth knowledge of CSS and its related SASS, LESS, Stylus, etc. CSS is a must-have skill for any front-end developer and helps build more efficient solutions.

  • Writes clean code for front-end development

With plenty of knowledge and experience in front-end development languages and frameworks, our Fron-end developer’s codes are clean and error-proof while building any Front-end tool


  • Familiar with Version control system

Development is incomplete with code versioning tools. It is essential to have a good knowledge of working with tools like Git. We use Git to have proper code control for every step of the program we build for any Front-end development projects.

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