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Crafting Scalable "CUSTOM SOFTWARES" for Cutting-Edge InnovationsHigh-Performance Software Development Service Company for Today's Demands!

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If you have Software Product that is not performing as expected. Then we are here to help. Do you know the fact that more than 70% projects are failed or delivered with poor quality. Whatever the reason it is we can guaranty to deliver quality software product. Even if existing stressed project or half completed project or completely new project.  We help SMEs and large enterprises to achieve their expected quality software product.


Esurgent's Core Services

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Custom Software Solution

Just get in touch and sit tight to watch us digitizing your business.

Business Digitalization with customized software solution to achieve maximum automation. Yes with custom developed software solutions you can achieve any business process in to automated process where you can eliminate human efforts as much as possible and increase the efficiency and profitability of your business. Doesn’t matter which industry you belongs to or what size your company is. Esurgent is always ready to offer its expertise to anyone anywhere.

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Our Industry Based Software Development Services

Health and Fitness

Health is the true wealth and our custom software development services are completely dedicated to promoting this notion. We have built apps for gyms & healthcare enthusiasts to help them provide their services through mobile screens & web.

Travel and Tourism

The commute is for your survival but travel is for your soul. We help Tours & travel businesses develop cognitive solutions with trendy technologies and deliver their best services to help plan the next trip.


Location and Stock management are the real deal here. Our fine-scaled solutions built with the latest technology help your business carry out every task more efficiently yet with ease and expand


Education is the most powerful weapon and an essential base for living a life. Our custom software development services are focused to help you build an innovative education platform and help students gain the best learning they can.

Oil & Energy

Gaint industries have to deal with large-scale management requirements for manufacturing, deliveries, machines, and human resources management. Such custom software we have delivered.

Food and Restaurant

Food is an emotion felt and celebrated. We can help you crave an app that helps you promote your cuisines and manage your menus, inventories, staff, delicacies preps, dinners, sales, track food deliveries, and more.

Esurgent's have expertise in various IT Technologies.

How we engineer the software?


Documentation of the complete project requirements and its proposed solutions.


UI/UX Designers create 2-D wireframe for potential software solutions.


With our agile methodology, you have complete control over the process


The final version of the software is released to the end users.

Maintenance & Support

Post-deployment support and maintenance services are provided

We have strong knowledge about custom software development and we can deliver you product with best quality!


What our client speak about us?

Have Some Questions?

First, you must ask yourself a question “Can I get this done myself properly?” If the answer is Yes then it’s understood, but if you have the simplest doubt trust me spending some extra is better than failing the whole project. It is an assurance because you are a master of your business and we are in Software Development.

Yes, it works with proper tools, schedule, and communication. We have been outsourcing around the work since last more than a decade. And trust me it’s just a myth that you need someone in front of you.

Well, as claimed we are pretty good at Software Engineering and Software Development. And we use our brains more and our fingers less to code. Stressed Project Recovery is our stronghold and usually, we deal with such uncompleted projects or maybe completed but performing poorly.

Yes, you can keep using the old legacy system that is best suited for your business. However, over time few technologies are being deprecated so, it is difficult to work with them anymore. So we can upgrade the whole software by keeping your processes intact so you can have the new strong solution but with your old concept.

Are you ready to start your dream project with us?