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Looking to hire top mobile app developers to build iPhone, Android, or Cross-platform applications with top-notch UI/UX engagements

Mobile Applications have become an integral part of user engagement with the increasing number of mobile phone users. It has become a go-to destination for any business that wants to grab the attention of its customers and resorts to building a mobile application. It offers unmatched access directly to the user’s mobile screen with the potential opportunity to turn them into customers. And get them coming back again & again to buy their services/products.

With this the demand for Mobile app developers is seen everywhere, however, it is a tricky job to find the best match, who is tech-savvy, has strategic planning skills for the target market, and designs flawless UI/UX design. And also have hands-on experience building apps utilizing technologies like iOS-Swift, Android-SDK, Android studio, Java, React Native, Objective C, Kotlin, XML, Databases, APIs, design tools, etc.

Mobile app developers in their element

At Esurgent, we have Mobile developers who exactly match the above description and can work directly with you as a Dedicated resource and help you scale up your mobile application solution.

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Dedicated Mobile app developers from Esurgent can help you with:

Native App development

Build Native Android/ iOS applications with the help of our Mobile app developers, Who have hands-on experience building applications for Industries like Oil and Energy, Healthcare, NGOs, eCommerce, Education, Food Service industries, and more.

Cross Platform development

Build Hybrid/ Cross-platform applications with our app experts skilled in providing Ionic & Flutter application development solutions that run on Windows, Android & iOS operating systems

Enterprise based App development solutions

With on-hand experience working with businesses in industries like Healthcare, Education, Food, eCommerce, Travel & Transport, Real estate, Music & entertainment, NGOs, Oil & Energy, Banking & finance, etc. Our Mobile App developers can help develop apps for small-large enterprises

Cloud management

With plenty of knowledge in Cloud architecture, app developers can help you set up cloud solutions and help you oversee the working of and help you make small to unique tweaks or changes

UI/UX designing

Our app mobile app developers build user-friendly integrations and exceptional hiccups-free user experience.

Upgrades & Maintenance

Revamp/ update your application with leading app development trends and add new functions to the app by hiring our Mobile app developers. And can help you with regular app updates & maintenance support.

How to hire Mobile App developers from Esurgent?

Hire our Mobile app developers on a part-time, full-time, or hourly basis with these simple steps:

Step 1

Get in touch and tell us your mobile app development requirements

Step 2

Talk with our experts

Step 3

Get matched to the best Mobile expert from our team

Step 4

Start working with your Dedicated App developer with mutual work agreements sign-up

Benefits of Hiring Mobile app developers from Esurgent:


Cost beneficiary engagement


Agile Procedure


Flexible hiring model as per your demand


Dedicated Mobile App developers proficient in English communication


Get top talents with proven experience & skills


Secure process with Esurgent Safety-Net


Transperant communication

Why Hire Mobile App devlelopers from Esurgent?

Mobile devices have become omnipresent and one can see a mobile phone with every person they come across. However, mobile phones have different screen sizes & specifications, simple processors, different OS & manufacturers. Thus, it is vital to have skillful Mobile app developers who can create clean flexible codes and account for UI/UX builts.

We offer you just that, our developers are experienced and have a skillset for various app development technologies, programming tools, UI/UX designing, and creating service domain-specific solutions with the market knowledge

Our Mobile app developers are well-versed with the following skills:


  • Native & Cross-platform application solutions development:

Native app development and hybrid solutions for cross-platform app development to help build an app that can run over various OS


  • Understanding of XML:

For mobile app development, our app experts use Extensible Markup Language (XML) for building layouts for the base of UI development. This helps the app to fetch the encoded data from the internet and pass it between devices in an understandable manner. It is similar to when web developers with Javascript modify the element they want. Similarly, mobile app developers have sound knowledge of this structural markup language to help build the layout element for UI which is very important.

  • Knowledge of version control systems like Git:

We make use of open-source version control tools to regularly check and maintain clear codes. Also, help us to take a new approach for the development part with the exposure to new techniques for programming available on platforms like Git


  • Follow the Agile development process:

Mobile app developers on our team have worked with Agile methodology and know-how to break down big projects requirements into small tasks and build the development priority list to deliver maximum value results. Also, they work with clear transparency, follow team decisions, adapts to a new turn in the development process flow, and secure on-time deployments

  • Expertise in Market research & Industry trends:

It is equally necessary to have a mobile app developer who is market savvy and has enough knowledge of the business market and can plan app development strategies that match the market capabilities. Our Mobile app developers have business skills that play a huge role to help build a solution that stands out from competitors and gains popularity among users.


  • Interactive Mobile user-integrations design:

Building a great functional User interface is a critical job in Mobile app development. Our app experts help build secure interaction between the users and the software, as they understand for a mobile app there is much more to interactive and glitch proof usage than the back-end features.

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