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The first two steps in the lifecycle of your software system are developing/ purchasing a software solution and integrating it. But most companies face the necessity for supporting, maintaining, and evolving their software system the day it goes public. Being the top Software Development services we will assist you with all the stages and bring you the desired result.

As leading software development company, we offer both basic and expert software development support. Our team of engineers has the experience to maintain software after deploying a product by us or done by any other vendor. We update software as per the requirements listed by the customer.

Software Maintenance and Support

The difference between maintenance and support is the urgency of approaches to update the software. That is to say, Software support is fixing bugs or broken software with reactive development. And software maintenance is a proactive development by adding extra features to target lower priority bugs. Meanwhile, not affect the design of software and its UX.

Software maintenance and support solutions as four categories:Software maintenance and support solutions as four categories:


We fix errors reported by the users or those identified at the time of monitoring. Thus, this type of software maintenance is the most urgent.


We proactively update your software to ensure it remains compatible and performs optimally across changing platforms and devices.


We elevate the functions of the software. And similarly, implement new features as per the customer’s feedback.


We rewrite code to match changes in the operating system, software dependencies, hardware, or business policies, ensuring updates align with the codebase.

At Esurgent

We offer a variety of full stack Software Development Services.

Customized services

We provide solutions based on the customer’s preferences and specific requirements.


We have an attractive pricing structure to help you hire our services. And likewise, get the best possible solutions.

Experienced team

We have a well-trained team to provide professional and adaptable services as per the requirement.


We offer highly flexible services that sync with your requirements.