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Tech trends change rapidly with the newly emerging technological advancement. Over time your platform will start showing dysfunctionalities like longer loading time, losing the essence of features, and affecting your customer experience. And may cause a hurdle to your growth path. That’s where our online store migration services come into play to help you move your platform to a new online store and stay with the market trend.

Understanding the need for Re-platforming

Replatforming can take a lot of time and effort. It includes transferring the previous databases to a whole new set of eCommerce sites from an updated design, admin navigation, performance, functionality, and more. Hence, there must be a defined reason to opt for re-platforming or online store migration.

Below mentions are some reasons to migrate to a new platform for your online store.


Unsatisfactory performance


Poor Admin navigation


Poor user experience


Improper data analytics


Site load time and responsiveness


Loopholes or gaps in the current site


Repetitive or duplicate tasks


Customer complaints and reviews

Switching to a new eCommerce platform comes with an investment of time, effort, and capital. We can help you plan and conduct thorough research before you decide to settle on a new platform. Our team helps you understand and analyze your need to opt for online store migration or not.
Also, you may be investing quite a large amount for your current platform services, or you may not be using all the functions or features they offer.

Checklist for Re-platforming

  • Impact on your business: We help you analyze the migration effect on your site performance, design, and efficiency. Similarly, we help you scale out the advantages you can get from moving to a new platform with more functionalities, better user experience, and positive outcomes.
  • Integrations: Currently, your legacy system use extensions, plugins, and other integrations to upscale your marketing. However, we ensure that the solutions we provide will use the same integrations you already use.
  • Scalability: We make sure that business owners get a future-ready solution. And will scale parallelly with your business.


  • Mobile Friendliness: About 60%-70% of searches on eCommerce sites are done by mobile phone. That is to say, we help you get a platform compatible with small devices like mobile, tablets, iPad, etc.
  • Pricing models: When it comes to migrating, the costs are not limited to the price of a new platform, but we also help you integrate the overall costs involved. In addition, to database transfer service cost, downtime migration cost, training staff with a new platform, and more.
  • Features: We compare the existing functionalities of your platform to choose the best solution. In short, we guarantee the enhancement of your business.
  • SEO Friendliness: Our team checks that your new platform falls up in search results for the service or product that your business offers, so you gain a larger customer base.
  • Customer service and support: Customer support is the most vital point for an eCommerce platform. And to make sure their customers are provided with 24 hours a day service to solve any queries that may come up. Also, this directly impacts your business success rates.

Our Online store migration solutions

We provide our assistance to process the steps to have your business brand move to the new platform.


Backup old data

Before working on any of the below steps. Firstly, we create a backup of your database on your current platform. To store it in a secure space that can be transferred promptly to your new site without hassle.



Secondly, we create your new site with a structure, layout, and customized style that matches your current site structure. To have the data transferred easily. Then, we revamp your new site with new designs, templates, or themes to update your site looks and give your brand an updated look that fits better with your business module. We can also develop a new site from scratch for you


Data migration service

You take advantage of our Data migration services. A lot of technical skills and experience are needed to avoid any unforeseen circumstances for Data transfer to be secure and accurate.


Connect and optimize checkout platform

With our services, you can have a site that has a secure checkout method to process all your orders and their payments. We make it a priority to provide your customer with a better experience. They can complete their orders securely, faster, and efficiently with better checkout points


SEO audit

Our experts conduct a complete SEO audit of the new site before launch. To ensure all the contents are search engine optimized and have more traffic directly.


Tests and revise

We run multiple tests to calibrate any issues which may be unsolved and fix them.



Once our testing team has no more bugs to fix before launch or going live. Then, we get your site out online and run some more tests to check the live functioning of your live site. So, your customer does not face any errors. We continuously improve your site by tracking the analytics to provide a better user experience.

Why choose Us for Online store migration

Top options for eCommerce re-platforming we can help you with:

⇒ Magento: We use Magento, an eCommerce platform for robust marketing, SEO, and catalog management features. In addition, online merchants have complete control over the design, content, and operation of their online store with a customizable shopping cart system.

⇒ OpenCart: An open-source eCommerce platform, used for easy coding, modification, and personalized to match the requirements. It has powerful store management, extensions, and support that make the expansion of the site functional.


⇒ WordPress: Being a popular eCommerce platform, it accounts for 35% of businesses that use their system. We help you customize your site with a range of templates, themes, and features from WordPress. They also have many integrations to add elements & features, design, and more to provide more character to the site.

⇒ Shopify: One of the most popular platforms with a full-service reliable solution for better functionality, features, and performance. Our team uses support and tools to design you a site that can be easily customized, updated, monitored and has a better market reach.

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