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Cross Platform / Hybrid App

At the initial stage, companies face a dilemma to choose the correct option for their Brand digital applications. Because of a wide range of options available from Native and Web technologies to construct Cross-platform/ hybrid apps.

With our help, you can have Hybrid app solutions, a combination of Native and Web Solutions. In other words, a Hybrid App has the core developed with Web Technologies within the Native Application. That is to say, a better approach for app development with Cost-effectiveness, Cross-platform Compatibility, high performing features.

Esurgent offers hybrid app SolutionsSeamless Performance Across Devices

Multiple Platform accessibility

Ionic Apps run on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile makes them feasible by different platforms. To clarify, it does not need rewriting of the codes. Thus, is a time-effective solution.

Angular Base and high UI

The Ionic framework, built with AngularJS helps to develop highly robust Apps. Moreover, the high standard of Ionic Apps gains a vast customer base. All because of its interactive UI and attractive looks.

Ionic Apps Development

Ionic, is a cross-platform open-source UI software App development package that deals with Web technologies to create front-end User Interface (UI) frameworks to win more users.

Feature-rich Custom App development

Our developers create high-performing Apps using technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS in listed time within your budget.

Why choose us for Cross Platform / Hybrid App development?

Exceptional Apps with Flutter and Ionic

Cross-Platform App Development

Esurgent is a Cross-Platform / Hybrid App development company. Well equipped to provide the best possible solutions at a competitive cost. Our services can help you get your cross-platform app using Flutter and Ionic App development frameworks. In addition, our developed apps are user-friendly and have outstanding UI, smooth animations, and excellent performance. That is to say, a guaranty of capitative user experience on the app.

Flutter App DevelopmentBuilding Seamless and Engaging User Experiences

Flutter’s hot reload feature significantly speeds up the development process, allowing developers to instantly see changes they make to the code reflected in the app. This iterative development approach enhances productivity and facilitates experimentation. Additionally, Flutter’s widget-based architecture promotes code reusability, simplifying maintenance and updates for developers. Its rich set of customizable widgets empowers developers to craft visually stunning and intuitive user interfaces tailored to their app’s unique requirements. As Flutter continues to evolve and gain traction in the development community, its potential to revolutionize cross-platform app development remains undeniable.

Why choose EsurgentSpecializing in Cross-Platform Hybrid App Development

Reliable Developers

We offer the best team of dedicated developers to all our clients. Their skills sync with your requirements.

Flexible Hiring model

We have a convenient model to hire our Android app development services that suit your budget plans.

Complete Assistance

We have well built technical support team to provide you with solutions as per your queries

Quality Assurance

We test your product on real-time devices to provide optimized and scaleable end products with the best quality.


We follow a transparent workflow and report to our clients on a timely basis to inform them about the project’s progress.

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