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Hire Back-end Developers

Back-end Development is of utmost crucial, as here the developer builds the base which is done on the server-side and is not visible to the public eye. Although Front-end development gets all the attention. But it’s the Back-end development that adds the functionality, allowing the flow of data to all the front-end characters, and has more to contribute to the Code.

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As said before, Back-end development is considered the foundation that connects the database, tracks functions, runs the programs, and much more. Only having an amazing Front-end is not enough as it’s equally important to have the front-end functioning and able to show data that is asked for that is possible with the back-end development. Thus, Back-end developers have more responsibility to have the programs well coded and running using languages like Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.
No doubt there is always a need to have a reliable Back-end developer, but with the competitive work, it is time-consuming and costly to find a good fit.

Dedicated Back-end developers from Esurgent can help you with:


Server-side Development

When hiring back-end developers from our team, they have a well-honed proficiency in web development. That helps you to get your back-end side efficiently built, that can store, run, validate, share data to the front and add utility to the front-end functions. Hence, provide risk & error-proof server-side programing.


Database Development

Hired Back-end experts are experienced with Database Management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite, and more. And can develop solutions that fetch filtered information from huge complex Data structures.


API Integration

With the implementation of API programming, Back-end engineers provide third-party engagements with your software backend to facilitate extra functionality that they have to provide without any hiccup on the secure connecting line.



Revamp the backend of your application with the re-engineering process, our Backend developers carry out for your application to enhance its overall functionality or add new custom features

Process of Hiring

How to Hire?

Tell us what skills you require for Back-end development
We match you with the best developers we have
Set up interview
Add the resource to your team and start working with sign up of NDA/SLA

Advantages of Hiring Backend Developer from Esurgent

  • Flexible engagement models
  • Easy hiring within weeks
  • Years of experience
  • Worked on projects from diverse Industries
  • Strong communication skills
  • Filtered experienced and well skilled resources
  • Esurgent's SafetyNet
  • The expertise in different back-end development languages
  • Ability to work remote

Why Hire Back-end developers from Esurgent?

Hiring a Back-end Developer for your project-specific requirements is a long and tiring process that also needs good investment. However, it is never guaranteed that the hired developer will be able to perform all the tasks. But all these can be skipped, if you hire a Back-end developer from our team at Esurgent!

As we acquire top talents to build our development team. And these Back-end developers have been working with us for years. And every time brings their best potential and pushes past their limits to deliver top-notch solutions for our clients.

We offer Back-end developers for hire who have handled BTS development for building back-end structures for applications, API integration, large-project, Database management system, software architecture, and solving any errors that arise.

Moreover, have below mentioned specialties:

Knowledge of various Back-end development languages

Back-end developers have in-depth knowledge of different back-end programming languages. Namely, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, and more.

Knowledge of the latest Back-end Frameworks

Our backend experts have enough experience to choose the right frameworks for the tasks at hand and prioritize the functions to start with. They have worked with Backend frameworks -Laravel, NodeJS, Django, Flask, etc.

Cloud computing

Owning to the current trends of digital transformation companies, prefer to get a Cloud-based solution for their software needs for its wide range of advantages. The Back-end developers have knowledge & experience with Cloud development to assist in any cloud computing need.

Familiar with Data structure & algorithms

Data structure and algorithms are the base for back-end development, and our developers have a strong understanding of the data management concepts. And can perform all the data-related tasks

Various Database knowledge

Back-end developers are well versed with Database management systems like MongoDB, SQL, MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle, etc. And can help build accessibility for the business tools to capture the right data needed to complete the task requirement efficiently.