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Shopping!!! I bet by now, you must be grinning. Fact, most people like to shop. And nowadays, shopping is either physically or digitally done with the emerging eCommerce. Moreover, there are times when physical shopping is not possible, due to ‘n’ number of reasons and I believe you already know that. Well, everything has two sides with advantages and disadvantages to corner. But may it be anything related to the Online Shopping site, our online store design services cover A-Z of your requirements.

Enhance Your Online Presence with Esurgent's eCommerce SolutionsEmpower Your Business with Tailored eCommerce Solutions

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Understanding Online Shop / eCommerce

An online store or e-commerce website is a digital platform where people can buy goods and services. It allows consumers to shop for products without the need to visit physical stores. Examples of such online shops include Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and HRX. More and more people choose online shopping as a favorable option because it offers convenience, a wider selection of products, and often better prices. Additionally, online stores provide the advantage of home delivery, easy returns, and user reviews, which help customers make informed purchasing decisions. As our lives become increasingly busy and fast-paced, online shopping becomes a practical solution for many, enabling them to save time and effort. This shift towards e-commerce has transformed the retail landscape, making it essential for businesses to have a robust online presence to stay competitive.

Esurgent Online Store design solutions​Transform Your Business with Esurgent's Strategic eCommerce Website Design

By now, we must have convinced you to build your eCommerce website !! We at Esurgent create an online store for your business to sell digitally to targeted customers. To design an e-commerce website, we plan, conceptualize, and arrange your content and products for effective display on the internet. Above all, we integrate secure payment methods for the customer to place an order for the transaction.

Once you have chosen the right platform for your e-commerce operation, the next thing you need to consider is the design. Design is far more than the aesthetics (artistic, beautiful side) of the site. Pretty websites don’t always convert at the highest rate.

We strategically design eCommerce sites to drive expected results. Whether you need a new online store site or just updating and expanding, we’ll create a desirable online shopping experience with our Online Store designers.

Elevate Your Brand with Innovative Web Design and Development

We beautifully emulate your brand in web design and use innovative development to create feature-rich and easily manageable sites. You will have an intuitive shopping experience that converts more users and positions to your business over competitors.
Furthermore, our designed sites are easy to navigate with well-defined product categories. With a search function that helps them find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds. In addition, it has sorting and filtering of results, supporting all kinds of queries. We exhibit their products with defined backgrounds and images, auto-complete functionality, quick view, special offer, etc.
We connect your services with your customers across mobile devices, tablets, or desktops via your online store that is customer-centric and result-driven.
And offer a different set of services to support and optimize your e-commerce website throughout its life.

Why choose Esurgent ?Maximize Revenue with Professional Store Design


In simple terms, an e-commerce store design is a digital equivalent of a well-crafted physical store that prominently showcases your brand’s products and services. Most importantly, with eye-catching images and effective use of words. Moreover, you can feature it on your website, social media, or other platforms to attract more customers. The whole idea is to generate more and more revenue through your online store. Utilizing a well-designed e-commerce store can be a smart choice. Above all, small startups, medium-sized companies, and large organizations can benefit from a professional online store. Additionally, a well-designed store is a powerful tool to promote your business and services.

  • Photographs of people behind the business
  • Contact information
  • A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page
  • Publish store policies and make sure they are not too difficult to find
  • Outline the return process and returnable products
  • Write in plain language and avoid legal or internal policy jargon
  • Links to social media
  • Provide general information
  • Include an overview of the business offerings
  • Shipping and return policies
  • Provide easy access to a privacy policy for shoppers’ personal and financial information (this is crucial)

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  • Custom Online Store Design
  • Responsive Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Secure Checkout Process
  • Product Catalog Design
  • Inventory Management
  • Third-party Integrations (APIs)
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