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Real Estate Inspection Solution

The project description

03 March 2017

Customer Name

 Real Estate Inspectors


Hybrid mobile application development


Real Estate, Hybrid Mobile App, Inspection, Ionic, Multi lingual

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As a service provider, we are working with many companies as development partners. We build responsive websites based upon the requirements that run on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. And boost your online reach. The current project is about the ‘Real Estate Inspectors’. The Inspection officer checks the property and notes downs the specific areas that need to get repaired. The Client had Web app already and wanted to have a mobile application. We decided to use the Ionic framework, which helped us to create a hybrid application for both Android and iOS platforms.

Client’s Challenges

  • The existing developer faced issues with the integration and design part of the Ionic development.
  • The client was running slow with the Ionic application. And was simultaneously unable to match with deadlines.
  • The search for a proficient Ionic developer for a long time continued. As they were failing to find one, who can meet their expectations.
  • The client needed developers, who could work in his time zone. And coordinate with each other so the development process could be better.
  • The Client web application data was in the French language. And we did not have any native French developer to support it.

Project Execution Challenges

  • The Client was moderately happy with the developer’s resume. However, examined him and hired the developer for a week on pilot work.
  • Repository management: The Client did not use any repository management tool. So the big question was how we could manage a code. We suggested using GitHub to share code and taught them how to use it. On an initial basis, we found trouble managing code, but after some time both the developers resolved it to manage code.
  • Hybrid application: This Ionic application, refrains to support some features like third-party plugin integrations. Due to, Ionic limitation it restricted to the development of some native code functioning.


  • As per the client requirement, we furnished resumes of our 2 developers and asked them to interview to check their capabilities.
  • The Client is satisfied with the 2 provided developers but as the project was in the pilot mode he hired one of them for a week to check if the things fall into place or not.
  • After one week, our developer was hired by the client on a full-time basis.
  • The appointed developer worked with the client’s developer as per their decided time.
  • Initially, our developer acquired the idea of the project and the requirement of the client.
  • As per the requirement, our developer started working on the tasks and boosting project development.
  • The Client was happy with the additional resource we provided and confident to finish the project within deadlines.

Out Come

  • An auxiliary resource gets provided to work on the client’s project.
    The developers accessed GitHub to manage codes and update data in order to make fewer errors and manage different versions of the code.
  • The requirements briefed by the Client were well understood about the particular task and functions the developer needed to carry out, so the developer was able to easily perform the required tasks.
  • Providing Native Android and iOS developers as per the requirements to make functions work.
  • By taking additional resources from Esurgent, project development gets evaluated.
  • Eventually, the Client’s project converged within the deadline along with significant code quality.
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