Cost to build an E-commerce/ Online Store Application! admin February 14, 2023

Cost to build an E-commerce/ Online Store Application!


Its 2023 Beginning and with Web 3.0 digital world is revolutionizing itself! Still, there are lots of opportunities to claim your part in this Digital era. Needless to say apart from e-governance, social media, business tools, and a lot of e-commerce has been very important aspects of the online world with easy access to money and an available lot of option to spend e-commerce industry is expanding day by day to stop the never!

Here in this article, we shall learn about e-commerce app development costs mainly targeting small and mid-size businesses that either wanted to start selling online or just want to facilitate small retailers.

What exactly is Ecommerce?

Well, the very basic definition of e-commerce is capability to transact online!

Ecommerce itself is a vast subject because it involves everything that has the ability to rotate money online. Eg Banking, Finance, Insurance, Governments, Retail,etc are the industries that have exploited the benefits of ecommerce at its best. Also large enterprises like Amazon, Ebay, Doordash, Uber, Drizly,etc are major players in online selling, however they are called multi seller platforms or ecommerce marketplace where retailers can utilise these platforms to do their business, and they start selling online to the world. Even small or midsize business can also start selling online independently. Sometimes they choose to go with tailor made ecommerce apps, and sometimes they use ready to use ecommerce CMS Eg. Woocommerce, Magento, Opencart or simply hosted ecommerce platforms like shopify.

What are the main features/functionalities of the Ecommerce App?

Storefront :

This is where everything began; just like you open your showroom or office or shop in a physical location in the digital world you need an online store where you can list down all your products/services which customers can shop around. Usually, it works in tree structure Eg. Categories, SubCategories, Products, and Product Attributes.

User Account & History :

Now since you have a storefront already; obviously you created it for your lovely customers! Yaay! So any ecommerce platform always has a facility where users can register and open their account and where all the customer related information will be stored like Shipping Address, Billing Address, Payment Information, Order History, Wishlist, Reviews & ofcourse Support as well.

Online Payment :

We all do business to earn some money right? So of course we need to allow your customers to pay online right there on your website. Now since you are selling online you will need Merchant account through which you will be accepting payments there are lot of companies who provide merchant account for online sellers Eg Braintree, Stripe, Total, Worldpay, Square etc and payment can be accepted via various payment methods Eg Credit Cards, Digital Wallets Like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Crypto Wallets, etc

Order Management & Tracking :

This will be the backend part of an e-commerce app but this is very important for sellers who will be using it the most. Now you have customers who bought and paid you; Now it’s time to fulfil the orders; of course, there is no free lunch! So in this module you will be able to see all the orders change order status as the order progresses in your shop or warehouse. Until customers receive their order with 100% satisfaction.

Reports & Metrix :

Well since you have a lot of products and a lot of customers hence a lot of orders now you EIther you wanted to track your progress or find out loopholes or weaknesses you alway need those fancy colourful reports which gives insight into how your business is doing.

Factors that can affect ecommerce app development cost?

Now I am going to let you know about a few important factors that can affect your overall costing heavily.

  • Design & Interactivity
  • Features and functionality depth
  • Project finishing urgency
  • Some special requirements which are unique in to your products/services
  • Load capacity, Scalability and compatibility
  • Supported Languages, Currencies
  • Special or Dynamic Tax values
  • Payment Gateways & Methods
  • Any third party tools integration (Eg. Analytics, other ecommerce platform, Synchronise inventory)

Benefits of creating an e-commerce app

  • You give your customers the ability to shop at their convenient time, place.
  • You can increase repeat customers and customer loyalty
  • Apps usually have a higher conversion rate compared to websites or mobile sites.
  • App is not just one time use like a website so you can always reach out to users via Push Notifications.

How much does it cost to make an ecommerce app?

Typical ecommerce apps cost somewhere around from 10k to 300k USD depending on the features and functionalities you opt for. If you learn more about the pricing of an app and how the cost is calculated you can visit this article How much does it cost to make an App?


Here we have tried to give you an idea about how much it can cost to make an ecommerce app? If you are looking to build an app ESURGENT team can help you to achieve the same. Its not just limited to only eCommerce app development  we can also tell you how much it cost to build mobile application for different purpose Eg. Community, Social Media, business Application or just an extension/tool for your business productivity or simply paid tool for your customers. 

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