GLUGGLERAn online liquor deliver delivery mobile application for Atlanta, GA, USA. App has solid customer oriented features which makes online food ordering way easy

Industry:   Food & Restaurant

Company Size: 1-10 People

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

Services: Mobile App Design, Backend Development

Project OverviewDevelopment of an innovative liquor delivery solution for a new startup based in Atlanta, GA. The solution aims to provide customers with the convenience of ordering liquor online and receiving their orders within 30 minutes. The proposed system will enhance the reach of liquor sellers across the city by deploying two mobile liquor warehouses and utilizing a network of third-party drivers for delivery. This comprehensive solution will be implemented through a web-based admin panel and mobile applications available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Admin PanelYou can manage all your orders and customers from one place using this web based application

Project Features & FunctionalityFeatures that makes it original users feel wow!


Consumer have to fill up registration form in order to register in this application. In the registration form Consumer have to add data like Name, Email, and Mobile Number.

Live Chat Support

This will help customer to communicate with customer support detaprtment in case any query. This chat support is actually ticket based but those tickets work real time like chat.

Product Categories

Facilitates browsing through liquor categories and products, see detailed product information user can change any product size and based on the selection price and stock avialable updated Add To cart.

Global Search Product

User types search and it shows the matching categories, subcategories and products.

Delivery VS Pickup

Delivery is possible only witin six miles of the store from the selected customers address and if user chose to pickup they have to seelct from which store they will be picking up Add Tip for the Delivery Guy

Pay ONline

This will help customer to communicate with customer support detaprtment in case any query. This chat support is actually ticket based but those tickets work real time like chat.

Live Order Tracking

User can track their order realtime on map using Drivers current GPS location displayed on the map updating realtime.

Orders History

Provides a history of past orders and a support ticket system for issue resolution, potentially integrating a third-party support ticket management tool.

ChallengesWe have cutting-edge technology to overcome any challenges.

  • Fraudulent Payments: After launching lot of fraudulent orders were coming which resulted in charge backs. We overcame this by integrating third party fraud prevention system via API. Stopping Fraudulent Transactions to avoid charge backs. So we integrated .
  • Massive Project Changes: During the project lots of changes were coming which was effecting the entire flow of the application. We stabilize the requirements and mutually agreed not to implement further changes untill existing task list if completed. Also, We have confirmed everytime with client if there is new requirement so wehther they are sure to implement that change or do they really need to implement accoringly or not
  • Multiple  Third Party Delivery Partners: Integrating Multiple Delivery Partners (Zifty and Doordash) in the system based on availability logic along with inhouse delivery guys.
  • Automation of Managing Orders: Manage delivery time based on store open and closed hours. If order recieved after store is closed then delivery to next day store opens. if store is open delivery same time. On the admin panel we have given day wise open and close timing so admin can change the timming so accordingly deliveries will be handeled.

What we used to build this?Tools esurgent used to assemble TextBookMe Mobile App?


First we designed prototype mockups using Pencil as client was non technical once they finalized the prototype designs we did actual UI design.


Due to the nature of complex project we have used various technology in this project Eg for Mobile Apps we have used Kotling and Swift while for Backend we hvae used Java, PHP and Laravel Lumen


For this project we had decided to choose MongoDB sinch the plan was in the future there may be multiple stores.

Let me tell youProject Conclusion

We can code any of your dream as far as it is logical.The proposed liquor delivery solution aims to revolutionize the liquor purchasing experience in Atlanta by combining mobile warehouses, a network of third-party drivers, and state-of-the-art web and mobile applications. This solution not only increases the reach and efficiency of liquor sellers but also provides unparalleled convenience to customers. With a clear implementation plan and budget, this proposal sets the stage for a successful and impactful launch.