Workout Planning Mobile AppA platform for Gym Studios and Fitness Clubs to Subscribe and design workout programms like HIIT, Tabata, etc and schedule those programs day wise.

Industry:   Health & Fitness

Company Size: 10-50 People

Location: United States of America

Services: Mobile App Design, Backend Development

Project OverviewThe client, a certified gym instructor, also provides consulting services to other gymnasiums. As an affiliate service provider, they schedule workouts for various gyms and fitness studios. The client wants to offer dedicated workouts to each gym but struggles with the current portal. To save time and streamline the process, Esurgent proposed designing a workout routine and distributing it via an app (Android/iOS) to other gyms and fitness studios.


  • Firstly, we provided a web application that works on the internet browser. (chrome, safari, or another browser)
  • The website executes customized work out for a couple of days and dispatches it to other Gymnasiums & Fitness studios.
  • While developing, we found an error in iOS mobiles that Audio was not active (not operational)
  • Since iOS mobile was not audible, we provided native Android and iOS mobile applications as a tested solution.
  • The application helps other Gyms & Fitness studios to get their daily workouts.
  • The application can set two different workouts weekly And divide them into cardiovascular exercise and weight training.
  • The app was compatible to add customized workouts with catalog exercises, total reps, pulse and count on exercise time, etc.

Real-World Problem

  • The client had to design workouts manually using sheets and they were sent out manually via email every single day.
  • The current process was not accurate and time-consuming.
  • Issues were present in providing customized workouts to other Gymnasiums & Fitness studios.
  • Needs a proper visual display mechanism, which can coincide with other electronic gadgets ( TV, Mobile, Tablet screens, etc.)

Project Features & FunctionalityFeatures that make users feel amazed and delighted!

Design Workouts

Workout Management is the key part of this mobile application, where admins can create, update or delete workouts as per their requirements.


Admin can provide URL with username and password to other Gym & Fitness studios to login to the application.

Forgot Password

Other Gym & Fitness studios can see the list of workouts and also can alter the workout according to their needs.

Auto Timer

The user can see a list of workouts, a list of exercises in each workout, Workout name, Total rounds, current exercise, exercise time, Repeat count and exercise YouTube link.

Knowledge Base

We consolidate YouTube videos of each exercise that helps beginners to understand the proximity of any exercise while performing.


Gym studios and fitness trainers can access content upto the limit of their subscription plan. Once expire they need to renew the plan.

Hurdles we face.
Requirement elicitation VS Estimation

A limited budget was initially allocated for the POC to evaluate customer response before deciding on further development.

The sound file was not playing on time

The POC was built with HTML and JavaScript using the Laravel framework. While the timer screen worked, the sound file had a 2-3 second delay, which was discovered to be browser-dependent.

Change in requirement

Initially, the requirement was to design workouts with multiple exercises, sets, and rest periods. Later, there was a need to include AMRAP training, which required a complete overhaul of the workout logic.

Export Excerises from Admin Panel

Data needs to be filled in an Excel file in the specified format. Once completed, the file is uploaded to ensure all data is correctly inserted into the system.

Importing Bulk Exercises

Functionality was provided to add exercises and create workouts. Later, there was a request for a bulk import feature, so data import using an Excel file was enabled to save time.

App UI compatibility to a large screen.

The original request was for a portrait mode UI accessible on mobile devices for casting. Subsequently, there was a need for compatibility with large-screen Smart TVs, requiring significant UI adjustments and increased testing efforts.

What we used to build this?Tools esurgent used to assemble TextBookMe Mobile App?


First client provided us the excel files for the workout programms based on that we created raw designs using MS Paint. After client approved those we started creating graphic UI using Photoshop.


First we had implemented web based application using JavaScript and in order to implement iOS Application platform we have used SWIFT programming language and Kotlin for Android Application Design


Database is MYSQL because this could create lot of records but not so much big database being B2B solutions.

Thats how we serve!Do you want to begin?

We can code any of your dream as far as it is logical.Many Gym & Fitness studios are opting for the client’s solutions. Gym & Fitness studios are receiving daily checks of workouts from clients for performance accuracy. With this app installed, the Gymnasium & Fitness studios can operate their workout routines much more smoothly. And without any effort, as daily workouts are being uploaded regularly. Gymnasium & Fitness studios are benefiting from Instant workout plans. The system is user-friendly anyone can access it and follow guidelines for their ultimate workout. The client can easily add/update/delete workouts and exercises.