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Books Selling-Buying App

The project description

28 May 2021

Customer Name

University Professor


Native Android/iOS application


Books, Selling, Buying, University, Students, College, Course, Mobile app, Google firebase


The client working at the University found that many students are unable to get the course book easily and have to pay a high charge for the book. Also, it’s hard for some students to find a specific program-related book. Also, some students have books that they no longer needed and wanted to sell. The client explained this whole scenario to us. We gave him a solution that helps students to find a new book, connect with interested students who need to buy a book from them, or students who want to sell a book, make a deal and get the book. This will create a community of students to buy/sell a book.

Client’s Challenges

  • Need for a platform where students can easily connect and buy/sell a book.
  • The client wanted to create a seamless application where students can post for the book they want to purchase or sell.

Project Execution Challenges

  • Login: The user will have the ability to log in via the credentials created. The login will be the combination of the registered email ID & password.
  • Forgot Password: The user will have the ability to change the password if the user forgot the last password. The system allows users to send an email with a new dynamically generated password.
  • Registration: The user has to fill up a registration form to register in this application. In the registration form, a user has to add data like Name, Email, Mobile Number, Profile image, University name, etc.
  • Add Post: To add a post, the application drive user to a click picture of the book or pick an image from the gallery. After that user have to add some information about the book like book name, stream, university name (optional), price, etc.
  • Search Book: The user can open the application to find books. Users can insert a book name to search for a specific book.
  • Ads: The application will display ads from the newest to oldest books formats.
  • In-app chat Functionality: This will help students to communicate with each other to buy/sell the book. Also, they can decide the way to deliver the book.
  • Book Status: The user can change the status of the book once it sold out.
    Favorites: Students can mark a book as a favorite. All the favorite marked books will be listed in the favorite section.
  • Manage Profile: Student can change their profile as per their need. In that students can change the University name, Course name, location, etc.
  • Change Password: Students can change the password.


  • After understanding the client’s requirements we provided him with a solution to develop a mobile application for Android and iOS platforms.
  • Design, Build, Test, Document & deploy the mobile applications.
    Google firebase will be used as a Backend for this mobile app.
  • The application allows users to post classified ads for books only.
  • Users can search books by keyword and filter using attributes selections Eg. Subject, school, course name, University name, etc.
  • The application also helps the student to communicate with each other via in-app chat functionality.
    Manage the history of all the old posts.
  • Students can change the status of books once they are sold out.
  • The app notifies if someone reacts to their posts.
  • Students can make favorites if they like a book.

Technology Stack

  • Backend System: Google Firebase
  • iPhone App: Xcode IDE, Apple iOS SDK, UI Kit, High Carts API, Google Analytics
  • Android App: Android Studio IDE, Google Android SDK, Google Analytics

Out Come

  • Provide a classified application that helps the user to buy/sell the course books.
  • Helped the client to create a student community that help each other to buy/sell a books
  • Students can easily search and find the book which they want to buy.
  • In a few step student can post an advertisement for the book which they want to buy/sell
  • The client has data of the books and students with their program and university
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