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Mobile App to Protect Elephants From Poachers

The project description

24 December 2017

Customer Name

 Non-profit organization


illegal ivory report app, Mobile Application


Elephant, Ivory, Tusks, illegal

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The client came to us with an idea to compel sellers to have more responsibility. And enable consumers to choose environmentally conscious stores. Also, help post Reports and images to report state and federal wildlife authorities for investigation.

As a software development firm, we provide mobile application development solutions. Thus, we came up with an app idea, where users can submit a report on the app if they find any illicitly ivory selling. We planned to make a user-friendly mobile application for easy accessibility and support the cause.

We decided to have native Android/iOS mobile applications to cover maximum users reach.

In short, the goal of the application is to help users report if they find anyone selling ivory items. It can be anywhere like on a store, website, or Auction across the globe. The application facilitates users to submit location and images with a report. So the client can see and take action against the culprit.

Client’s Challenges

  • The Client came up with an idea to get a list of a store that is selling ivory items. However, they were unable to find a solution to, how to do this.
  • Moreover, they had a limited budget as a non-profit organization. And faced difficulties finding providers within their budget. We at ESURGENT respect the cause and provide a discounted price for NGOs.
  • The Client wanted to include the general population in this Nobel cause to save animals. But didn’t know-how. The common public can be helpful to report such illegal activities. But they do not report due to fact that their identity can get compromised.


  • I of the elephant mobile application help users to report where ivory is being sold in your community
  • It displays reports on Google map so users can see the stores where ivory is being sold
  • Users can submit a report regarding ivory traders with pictures and anonymously too.
  • Share the application with your friends and contact list to stop ivory selling
  • Offering a $2500 reward for Intel that leads to a successful prosecution!
  • We have given the ability to users to report the locations selling illegal items anonymously as well.

Key Features

  • The application facilitates users to fill up the form to report illegal ivory selling. In the form, the user will add information like store name, store type, image, and location of the store.
  • We integrate Google maps so users can add the perfect location of a store.
  • Also, users can see the reported stores on google maps across the globe.
  • By the use of a mobile camera, users can capture an image of the store and add it to the report.
  • Users can share applications with friends to involve more people in this Nobel cause.
i of the elephant app screen shot

Technology Stack

⇒ Backend System: Core PHP, MySQL Database
⇒ iPhone App: xCode IDE, Apple iOS SDK, UI Kit, High Carts API, Google Analytics
⇒ Android App: Android Studio IDE, Google Android SDK, Google Analytics


  • Many stores got reported that were selling ivory illegally
  • Reduce illicitly ivory selling all over the world
  • Aware people do not buy any ivory products
  • For the past 2 years, the client has been collecting information on online vendors offering ivory items for sale in the US. This should provide a picture of the demographics and scope of the current online ivory market.
  • 2018: In the first 10 months there is a total of 1339 ivory items offered by 179 vendors based in 34 US states.
    In 2019 there is a total of 2000 ivory items offered by 104 vendors based in 29 US states.
  • 2020 there is a total of 990 ivory items offered by 112 vendors based in 33 US states. In that newly found vendors decrease by 13%.
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