Reveal-Insight"Asset Management and Institutional Investor Marketplace"

Industry:  Investment Banking

Technology: Java, React, MongoDB

Location: Switzerland

Services: Web Portal Development


Project OverviewReveal Insight offers complimentary access to a thoroughly verified peer-to-peer rating system for money managers, advisors, and private placements. Ratings are completely anonymous and accessible to anyone who can verify their investment or interaction. This enables other investors to make well-informed decisions based on real investor experiences.

Application Screen ShotsCompany Profile - Search - Video Calls - Review Funds

Features & FunctionalityThese are key elements of the project development.

Search Companies

Any user can search companies to check theri profile their ratings and financial data. User can also apply filters.

Company Profile

Here companies that is looking for ratings or investment or funding can create theri company profile for others to review.

Video Call Conference

We have intergrated video call coferencing solution so people can connect from the portal itself by scheduling video conference.

Online Company Rating

Since company can create their profile in order to attract investors companies can also invite consultant or ratings agencies to rater their company 360 degree

Fund Manager Panel

Fund manager is one of the User role who can gain access to any company profile or ivnestors portfolio in order to manage hedge funds.

Multiple Roles

As stated earlier users can have different roles such as Investors, Companies, Fund Manager and they each have their respective functionalities.


Since this application contains some confidential and financial data of comapnies or fund managers etc. Application is built so tightly that data leakage can be avoided.

Funds Listing & Mgnt

Fund managers can define various funds for same company or multiple companies so if any investor would like to invest they can do directly.

How we shaped this project?THe whole process!

  • Client’s Challenges:
    • Initially client were tryign to build the project on their own but due to time constraint and technology expertise they were looking for someone to help them to build the whole application based on the designs they provided.
    • Phase 1: Initially project was completed jointly where client itself and two of esurgents developers were working togather in order to complete alpha version.
    • Phase 2: Client wanted to implement rest of secondary featuers Eg. Video Conferencing Integration, Performance Optimization, Data Security and enahnce independent backend instead of using firebase as BackEnd.
  • Outcome:
    • The project betat version was completed and succesfully delivered
    • Client was able to start showing demos to potential investors in order to raise first round of investment.
    • Application is working with highest performance by reducing third party backend cost and increasing speed and performance.

Technology PreferenceOlivePortraits was built using Anguler and Laravel.

Phase I Development

Esurgents Developers were given the Graphics Designs in Figma where our developer successfully converted those graphics in to functional web application. At this time Backend was running using FireBase and Front was using React JS.

Phase II Development

Phase 2 involves more dynamic functioality and upgrading whole backend to Java based instead of using Third Party Backend As A Service.

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