Employee Timesheet System"Custom Timesheet Management Solution"

Industry:  Service Industry

Technology: PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap

Location: INDIA

Services: Web Application Development


Project OverviewA custom timesheet management system for employees, featuring role-based access, hierarchical project configuration, and a streamlined approval workflow. The solution includes user authentication, secure data management, and email notifications, ensuring efficient timesheet entry, submission, and approval processes tailored to corporate needs.

Screen shots of Web AppLogin - Dashboard - Users - Client - Project - Timesheet

Features & FunctionalityThese are key elements of the project development.

Timesheet Management

Add and delete entries with client/project/phase/task selection. Comment on each time entry. Total time calculation per day and task. Comment on each time entry.

Approval Workflow

Submit timesheets for approval, notifying project owners. Manager approval/rejection per project entry. Administrators oversee and approve/reject timesheets without editing.

Email Notifications

Notify managers of pending approvals. Notify users of rejection with reasons.

Security and Data Integrity

User authentication and role-based access control. Timesheet locking post-approval to prevent edits.

Project Goal & OutcomeBespoke Web Application Development.

Client’s Challenges
  • Need for hierarchical project management.
  • Efficient timesheet approval process
  • Lack of affordable, feature-rich timesheet solutions.


Client’s Business Goals
  • Develop a tailored timesheet system.
  • Ensure robust data management.
  • Streamline timesheet entry and approval processes.
Project Outcome
  • Simplified project and task management.
  • Efficient timesheet approval workflow.
  • Enhanced user experience with role-based access.

Technology PreferenceTechnology is what makes softwares!

Front End Programming

Interactive UI design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Role-based views and permissions.

Back- End Programing

PHP for server-side scripting. MySQL for database management.

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