Hiring Dedicated developers Vs Inhouse Developers: What is better? admin March 8, 2022

Hiring Dedicated developers Vs Inhouse Developers: What is better?

Hiring Dedicated developers Vs Inhouse Developers What is better - Esurgent


In this article, we discuss some of the best options for you to choose the required developer for your software project and how. As per the definition of your requirement you can decide and choose to hired an in-house tech team or Dedicated Development team model.

  • Inhouse Tech team: Resources that are hired by your Company’s authority after conducting a number of interviews and tests to handle the technical requirements. And are provided all the employee’s benefits.
  • Dedicated Development Team Model: A business model based on the agreement between a Client and a Software service providing company to provide professionals to work on the Client’s Project or requirements.
    Investing in hiring dedicated developers Vs in-house developers is a strategic resolve for your software solutions needs that can either skyrocket or play a joke on your Business/ Startup.

Software development is a crucial part of any company, and that’s the very reason it is important to have good developers working on the project.

Should you sign up with an Outsourcing software services provider and get Dedicated Developers?

Software service providers are on trend and are exploring more ways to incorporate professionals with as many talents as they can to cover all the software requirements that anyone may have. And they are certified to provide a dedicated developer to their Client as per their need and have a structured layout of working with the highest flexibilities and secure Contracts. They even provide the best of the suited expert for the work and also provide after-deployment support.

They are a complete set of Professionals from Front-end developers, Back-end developers, Software designers, QA engineers, Business analysts, and Project Managers. Thus, the price range also includes the service provider’s administration fees and other costs. However, they are still cheaper when hired from offshore regions.

The best countries to get your dedicated development Team; are North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and India, and Australia.

Let us start listing some advantages & disadvantages for both of these models and understand what works better for the project.

Hiring In-house Tech professionals? Pros & Cons

Inhouse Tech professionals:

Individuals, who are selected to be part of your in-house technical team after going through a range of interviews and tests by your Company representatives. And they work 5 days a week and earn a fixed salary monthly, with or without any work assignment.


Part of your company

A full-time developer is not only a part of your tech team but also part of your organization. They share the same environment as you to work and grow as a part of the company. Thus, are easy to reach and work with.

Easy to Supervise

As they are in the same building as you are, it becomes very easy to assign them tasks and observe their progress. They can always put in the day’s report at the end of the day on your table or discuss it face to face. Also, you can make a balanced team by shifting them to other teams based on their work potential.

Secure relationship

They are hired for the job role on the legal ground and share employment contracts and work payment details. Thus, they keep the company’s sensitive/confidential data safe to work with. The developer is not going to run away or leak the data.

Direct Communication

In any working model, communication is a key aspect. And with your in-house teammate, you can discuss, plan, understand, and complete any technical requirement in person. There is no need to rely on digital tools for communication or wait for your internet to stop acting up.


Make the team from Scratch

A software development team is not some random developers or engineers working to code together. But they need to be skilled and complement each other strengths and weaknesses. And work with the Project manager and CTO directly or indirectly. To put it quite bluntly, it is not an easy task to assemble a tech team, it may take years to get together a couple of developers with some genuine talents.


The in-house employee doesn’t only cost the regular monthly salary but includes management costs. Namely, taxes, paid leaves, medical insurances or allowance, office space rent, technical equipment costs, etc.

Keeping them Occupied

When you have an in-house developer, it becomes a task itself to have work for each one of them. As to be honest, not every day the software would need some patch-up work or updates. Also, you need to have a long-term project coming so they have work around the year. As you may not be able to remove anyone without legal guidelines even when you have no work to assign them


When any of your developers decide to quit due to XYZ reasons, it becomes a hassle to find a suitable replacement in time. As they must be from the same location and able to commute to the workplace every day. Whereas, a better resource is staying 100s of kilometers away but can be hired with an offshore dedicated development model.

Dedicated Development teams? Pros & Cons

Dedicated Development Team:

A Team of software developers and engineers, QA specialists, UX UI designers with management experts like project management and Product manager put together by a Software Service provider to work dedicatedly on the Client’s Project.
With the increasing demand for software professionals, companies are greatly adopting Outsourcing resources by Software service providers. And are working for medium to large project development requirements. Even are trusting them for smaller to quick error solving for their IT structure.


Best suited talents

As here an organization is working to build their reputation and long-term relation with their Client, they bring to the table the best developers as per the listed requirement of the Client. They have a team built with various skillful resources and experts that can be hired by the Client to work on their projects.

Well Managed and Organized workflow

They have their supervisor and PM guide the work according to the project timeframe and task distributions. The Client can give a project and forget about the same till the deadline date and get the requested work complete, done with expertise. Moreover, they keep a close follow-up with the Clients to keep them posted about the work and gain useful feedback to further improve the project.

Reputed and dedicated Team

Once they have signed a contract and taken the project, they work dedicatedly and can’t disappear mid-way. Also, in case of developer unavailability, they bring another resource to work in the place and complete the work as per the schedule. They care about the quality of their services to build their reputation and gain good testimonies.


They have a complete set of completed legal documentation for their services and work allocation agreements with their clients. And work under the contracts to provide the best of their services.

Impressive Flexibility

They provide different work models to work with them. You can choose to assign the complete project to them and get the completed product. Or choose to supervise them closely with the dedicated team-based model. They are okay to work anyway preferred by the Client.

After Release support

Their services include after-deployment support and maintenance for the products built by them or by another team.

Use Quality tools and Software

They provide an enterprise-quality product and work on complete product development projects too. They have the latest technology tools with them to work with. And incorporated this top-standard licensed software and hardware to complete your projects.

Hourly rates

They have business-related charges that include taxes, service provider’s fees, and other costs. This makes the overall hourly rates a bit higher than any individual freelance would charge. However, they are way less than your in-house developer’s hourly rates


Prefer to work with Big Clients/ long term projects:

As they have an in-house team to be managed and provided salaries to. And also have commercial workspace rents and a set of other costs to handle. They usually work on bigger projects that are long-term and have better hourly rates. And do not easily take up smaller projects with a small budget.

If you have already decided to hire a Dedicated Dev team for your IT project, you can get in contact with us and write to us about your Project.

Esurgent is an experienced Software service provider and incorporates custom software development services to Mobile applications (Android/ iOS/ Hybrid), Website design, and development services. All under one roof.


You can hire a dedicated developer or an in-house developer for your small to medium projects requirements. And a Dedicated dev team or build an entire tech team by hiring professionals to work from your office for a complete set of Software solutions and after-deployment maintenance and support.

In other words, a dedicated software expert would be a better choice to provide you with quality services and work diligently only on your project for a dedicated project timeframe. They cover very small to complex software requirements. And are idol software partners to work for long term and only when the requirement arises.

You can choose the best-suited resource based on your Project requirement and budget.

However, you need to hire an experienced developer with a well-organized snag list and management skills to work on your Software development plans.

Moreover, they must have excellent communications to blend with your team and understand the team’s goal to work dedicatedly. He should be able to adjust to new development updates in an ongoing project and provide support after completion

How Esurgent can be your Dedicated development team for your Next Tech Project?

Esurgent Private Limited is an IT company, that specializes in providing bespoke software development services. Our team of dedicated software engineers provides customized design and development solutions for your Website, dedicated software, and Mobile applications development requirements. We can also help you update your old legacy software and update them to the latest technologies.
You can also hire us to complete your complex unfinished or spoiled IT projects and watch us turn them into well-functioning software.