Why Hire a Software Development Team externally? And only when needed! admin December 14, 2021

Why Hire a Software Development Team externally? And only when needed!


Ever had a thought to control the number of employees depending on the work requirement. And make a certain number of resources freeze at their place when there is no work for them to do. Similarly, save management sources. Sounds good right, well, an external team might be just that for you. More precisely, a software development team.

You can have them linked with your in-house team at the time of need and unlink them when the requirement gets fulfilled.

Understanding external Software development team

A Software development team consists of IT professionals who have complete programming knowledge. And they can build software as per the project requirement in the given timeline.

It is not wrong to say that they are the backbone of any IT company. And yet each location has some shortage of talents due to some reasons.

For instance, only about 30%-40% of the developers who apply for a position of software developer meet the recruiter’s expectations. That is to say, getting the required talent for the need is almost impossible and high cost.

To deal with this situation, some companies now outsource their requirements to a set of developers from other nations. And with lower hourly wage countries, which provides them development experts with less investment.

This set of developers forms the Dedicated software development team. It includes Developers for Front-end needs and Back- end needs, UI & UX designs, QA testings, and a Project manager. And work along with the in-house team full time to complete the project.

They work as per the needs and time explained to them. Yet, they are not permanent employees, and companies do not have to provide them any extra benefits that your in-house employees get. They come and go as per the need arises and falls.

The company will draw out the requirement of one or more developers as per the size and time of the project. And accordingly, the budget gets calculated including, the service provider’s cut and the developer’s hourly rates.

Advantages a dedicated external development team brings

Benefits of dedicated dev team model - Esurgent

Reasons to hire a software development team externally

The above benefits are more than enough to convince anyone to get one themself. But if you are someone who is not yet sure, below are some reasons; why you should have a Software development team externally:

Businesses are digital to a degree

Nevertheless, which industry your business belongs to, your business is digital to some extent. It can be a Website for marketing or a dedicated mobile app to stay close to your customers. That would need developers to work for you to get these built and keep them functioning well.

A better pool of Talents can be accessed

Any software ROI depends on the skills of its developer. The better the skills used during the developing process, the better is the outcome of the software system. So, it is in the best interest of any company to hire the best talents to complete the work for them.

Money and time efficiency

Finding the best candidate is already a time & cost-consuming process and over the top, recruiting a developer without proper judgment of his capabilities can be a waste of efforts, time & cost. But if a dedicated team is hired, within a matter of a week you can get a well-suited developer, who can take charge of the project for you saving the time & cost most efficiently.

Quicker deployment rate

As a well-suited developer is provided as per the project requirement, the development process is completed in time, as he will know from the start what needs to be done and the product reach the market faster than what it would have taken for an In-house team to.

Better management of peak loads

Companies in a year can struggle to keep up with their IT team. Due to holidays, renovation of any office wing, commuting time, network surges, customers’ peak visit time, etc. But they can not recruit anyone for just a few hours within their team to handle work during these hours. And save their Website or software from crashing. An external team might be a great help at this period. They can manage all the software systems functioning remotely and save them.

Get better Technologies for solutions

It is hard to keep up with the emerging Technological changing rate. And most companies face this dilemma to figure the best technology they can use for their technical infrastructure. The dedicated team of software experts might come in handy. And can provide proper guidance incorporated with the latest technologies in your solution’s Tech stash.


These reasons definitely would have made you decide to have a Dedicated team working for your next IT project. And we at Esurgent can be the one you are looking for!

We have excelled in our skills working with many Clients. We have delivered an eye-catching solution for the Technical body of their companies.

Three key tips before you hire an outside team for your Software needs:

  • Have your goals well defined and analyzed
  • Conduct a detailed check on the services provider’s profile, experiences, and references
  • Build an open communication channel that accepts multi-cultural teammates.