What are the best online store payment gateways? admin June 21, 2022

What are the best online store payment gateways?


E-commerce websites have caused an effective stimulation in terms of product and user awareness. In the same vein, with the expansion of their respective business. And have become a pivotal part of the global retail framework.
With a single click, people can accomplish their desired shopping. As a result, most people have become unstoppable with the use of online Payment Gateways. In addition, there is a range of payment options to choose from.

Whether you are an avid shopper or not, customers are on the lookout for an exceptional online shopping experience. Moreover, online shop sites with seamless check-out point for customers to complete their purchase is pro-tips for merchants. In other words, for a smooth check-out, the merchant needs to have a good payment gateways integration into a website.

A payment gateway is the service software responsible for authorizing transactions via credit and debit cards, digital wallets, UPI, etc. It is mainly responsible for transmitting transaction information to acquiring banks and responses from issuing banks.

Also, a bad payment gateway results in bad payment options that ultimately lead to a decline in total sales.

Furthermore, your server can pose a challenge in having a smooth payment gateway. To counter this, we usually use Amazon Web Services, GPAY, PAYPAL, Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.net, PAYTM, WePay, Square, FirstData, 2Checkout, Merchant e-solutions, SecurePay,


In 1998, Max Levchin and Peter Theil founded PayPal. And it gained popularity back in 2002. It accepts International and Multi-currency payments. Even though it is one of the costliest Gateway service, PayPal is the most widespread payment method amongst small businesses and startups. And about 203 countries use PayPal to complete their money transfers.

  • Account set-up fees and annual maintenance charges are zero.
  • It accepts International and Multi-currency payments.
  • There are no withdrawal fees for part or all of your PayPal balance to your Bank account in most countries.
  • It works on service charges as per transaction.
  • PayPal has a concrete anti-fraud team. And they have frozen multiple suspicious accounts based on their transaction evaluations.
  • Moreover, it offers customer care services through FAQs, chat support, and call.


Amazon Pay is a service offered to Amazon customers which allows them to experience the convenience and security of Amazon Web services. Where ever they shop, Amazon Pay helps the shopper pay by WEB, MOBILE, or Alexa.

  • Amazon Pay is quickly catching up as the go-to option for Small and Medium Enterprises for hosting payment gateways.
  • It facilitates an onsite checkout option, which enhances the customer experience.
  • Amazon allows Alexa to engage shoppers further and offer recommendations. As an improved customer service.
  • The Amazon Pay merchant account gives you access to a sophisticated fraud protection service. Although, the service is only available in 17 countries including, the US, UK, India, Germany, Italy, Japan. Amazon plans to add more countries to the list.


Payment gateway provider Braintree is a PayPal company. Thus, it also allows its users to pay using PayPal. Braintree is available only for merchants in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR China, Malaysia, and New Zealand. But it covers buyers all across the globe.

  • There are no monthly fees or transaction processing amount charges.
  • The verification process begins immediately after account creation. But it is likely to take at least a day to receive any update on the review status.
  • Most US merchants can accept payments through PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and most credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club.
  • Braintree has the availability of integrating both single and multi-currency setups. It accepts payments in over 130 currencies. Thus, it is a good option for money transfer from an international customer base.
  • Issue resolution through a detailed FAQ, multiple support articles, guides, calls, and emergency/regular emails. Extended support of a working Friday is available only for US and Canadian customers.


Authorize.net has been the most versatile payment gateway for e-commerce since 1996. It has the trust of more than 4,00,000 merchants. Above all, the main benefit offered by the Authorize.Net payment gateway is the dedicated fraud detection suite and fraud support team. It is much more expensive than Stripe as it charges more overhead costs.

  • It has various payment options ranging from debit cards, credit cards, and eChecks to digital payments like Apple Pay, PayPal, and Visa.
  • Authorize.Net claims to settle the transaction within 24 hours of capture.
  • It includes multi-currency support. 
  • It addresses customer queries through common questions lists, chats, calls, and submission of online support cases.


Stripe is a strong contender and a fast-growing company soon to catch up with PayPal. Since 2010, Stripe evaluation has reached around $95 Billion in such a short span of time.

  • Stripe offers a trial period with delayed payments. There are no refund fees.
  • One of the best options to set up, integrate and maintain, by web developers is Stripe.
  • Unlike PayPal, the Stripe payment gateway allows the customers to stay onsite during the payment process. There is no redirecting to the payment website. Thus, Stripe provides a seamless customer experience.
  • In addition to being compatible with most payment methods, it also accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. As it is still currently growing, Stripe is available in 21 countries.


To sum up, the discussion by far has made it clear how vital it is to have a quality payment gateway in place for raising your online business. The market has a lot of choices to offer in terms of payment gateway providers.

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