8 Reasons to upgrade your Software Web applications admin December 31, 2021

8 Reasons to upgrade your Software Web applications

8 Reasons to upgrade your Software Web applications


Applications are used more when users like them simply because the UI & UX of those applications are on point. And are getting updated with new emerging technology trends in the Apple and Google universe. Along with a timely Application upgrade schedule to completely change and enhance functionalities.

Though this is an easy-to-learn tip, to have your Applications designed on the heights of the lists. Most companies forget this as soon as they get a new product developed. They stick their feet into Build, Ship & forget notion. Thus, fail to keep IT products up to date with modern practices.

And not deliver the products that users follow for their best experiences and interfacing designs.
Unfortunately, these companies believe that they have dedicated Applications in the Store. But they are too busy to realize that their applications are getting covered up by dust and are losing the rating on the App Store charts with bad reviews. And their users are complaining about the old and glitch-filled interfaces and design.

Unknowingly, they end up handing over a chuck of customer base to their competitors. Who is more aware of the reasons they need to have in mind to keep their Applications continuously enhanced. And match as per the changing taste of the users.

If this is not a good enough reason to have an Application upgrade, the worst-case scenario can be getting eviction notices from the App stores. For failing to keep the apps updated with the latest standards.
So before, you too end up with a Notice from any of these two tech giants- Apple store or Google store.

Let’s roll down the 8 reasons to upgrade your Software Web application

#1 Your App’s UX is not like the A-grader’s

Missing the basics of current practices for most likable apps can cause unnecessary friction.  For instance, the UX and slow response speed can badly degrade the shine it once had at its introduction in the market.

#2 Your eCommerce apps have web stores embedment and lack support for digital wallets

In the past, an eCommerce app was no more but the direct opening to the actual web page. And had high resistance in navigations and additional log-ins.

Also, the checkout point opens up a new page to complete the payment. And didn’t have integration within the application to link UPIs or other payment apps.

Avoiding these mishaps can change the direction of the air for your applications ratings.

#3 There are no direct sign-on (SSO) options or proper support for password managers

Typing in your Log-in IDs and passwords can frustrate you every time to log in. And the tedious process of getting a new password when you forget the current one.

There are sign-in credentials are for security. But depending on the memory of humans for passwords can be a risk too.

A simple way is to use direct log-in options using Google and Apple accounts. Thus, resulting in an effortless sign-in at the doorstep of the Applications.

Also, with the use of autofill frameworks, the app can detect the saved passwords and IDs from the passwords managers.

#4 Missing tools for text scaling, voice input, Dark mode option, and second-screen experience

Each user has unique preferences for text size, screen display, and font design. And not being able to personalize the application content can be promoting bad UX.

Also, the accessibility guidelines from iOS and Android applications state the Font scaling as a part of the user’s accessibility. Talking about the app modernization and not including the audio support for any searches or inputs is not good.

Most users prefer Dark mode and like working in this environment. But if your app doesn’t support dark mode and stands out with the bright blank white background.

It’s time for you to add up this as a part of your UI. And using interfaces that support your app with second devices like a watch or smart TV.

And don’t miss out on potential touch points and app usage.Avoiding these mishaps can change the direction of the air for your applications ratings.

#5 Faulty authentications without Biometric or Two-factor verifications with autofill

The use of face recognization and fingerprints to unlock the door lock to use the applications can be a great idea. It also kicks aside the usual passwords and IDs for signing in.

Both Apple and Google provide support for these technologies. You have also probably used Two-factor authentication for any online payment.

And you had to enter the unique code dropped on your SMS to complete the payment process.

A rising number of apps use this model for higher security for users’ data and privacy at the time of log in.

A glamorous application like Instagram provides Two-factor authentication to sign in with auto capturing code from the SMS.

#6 Long-press gestures and widgets are not found

Long-press or Touch & hold gestures pops up a few most recent task done in the app.

This helps the user to take note of his activities and help improve the experience.

Widgets provide your app an entry pass to the Homescreen of the User’s device and show some of the important bits in the app at a glance.

#7 You don’t provide App Clips or Instant Apps

Like you don’t enter the theater without watching the trailer of new movies. And selecting the best choice as per your taste.

Some companies provide an App Clips or Instant App as a trial before the user actually decides to download the app or not.

This makes the user well aware of the key insights of the application and how it helps them.

#8 No option for in-app review

There is no doubt that the majority of the downloads happen because of the good reviews or ratings.

But every time a user decides to put in a review they get jumped on to the app store.

This can leave the users to lose the thought to add a review altogether, as they would want to continue using the app itself.

But if they can add the review or rating staying in the app with in-app review API.

This could add to the better user experience and more positive reviews under your Applications profile on Stores.


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