The success of an eCommerce site is directly proportional to its user’s experience admin December 23, 2021

The success of an eCommerce site is directly proportional to its user’s experience


E-commerce seems to be slowly carving its way up the top in the retail world with amazing User experience sites. And progressively more walls built stores are joining this club of Online stores. To escape the losses that the offline store has to face due to numerous reasons.

The grass is not always greener on the other side!

Though E-commerce sites are blooming with new milestones every day, it surely does not come easy. Even here, the Customers are the King. And sites need to know some success mantras to provide the best User experiences.

The continuously changing trends of the E-commerce world and growing competition day by day has given the customer more options. And has reduced the time drastically that the customer may spend visiting a site. In addition, a high expectation of site leaving ratio if they don’t find it engaging enough or is a bit difficult to access.

Few factors that may affect the success rate of the E-commerce sites

  • The desired product is hard to find or filter out from the cluster of products available
  • Navigation is a tough shot
  • Product values are not defined properly
  • Payment methods are limited and not well integrated
  • User experience is poor
  • Dull design and arrangement of products inventory
  • Not mobile friendly

Why User experience is important?

According to the stats, about 38% of the site visitors leave due to bad design or first impressions. Adding up one more reason, why one must have a user-friendly site. And boils down to what does the user experience means? And how to meet and scale up the business?

In simple words, user experience is the ease the customer can navigate around the site and find his purchase effortlessly. And from the UI /UX design perspective, the design must be such that, jot down the customer’s expectations. And draw out creative maps to help them get their required products from the websites. Thus, end with an enjoyable purchase with customer satisfaction.

To better understand, remember your experiences in a street shop. Ever had a bad experience with a brick-built store where you decided to storm out without buying anything. Because the customer support was not responsive or unavailable, or worse, they were rude.

Similarly, online store customers abandon the carts and leave if something is off about the site. To avoid such cart abandonment, which can lead to a good chunk of revenue loss, one must work on the UX.

Below are some tips to improve the User experience for your customer and relatively increase your E-commerce business revenue

⇒ Understand who are your customers:

This is to avoid making the site for ourselves and not as per the customer’s perspective. The customer’s needs must be well understood and worked upon. Put the customer’s shoes on to understand the path they would like to walk over.

Thus, well-defined customer traffic and providing distributed pathways to easily access the desired products is a game-changer. And can improve user experience for your E-commerce site.

As the customers easily find what they are looking for in a couple of seconds without scrolling through the number of other irrelevant products. Furthermore, well-staged research on your customers can help the alignment of the approaches in the design process.

⇒ Creative design solutions for Products display:

It is not a bad idea to add interactive content, images, gifs, videos, animations, etc on-site. To add more weight to the engaging part for your user experience scale. The more versatile the website design is, the more the customer will stay engaged and enjoy the buying process.

Also, the trends for the eCommerce site keep changing with the passing months. And most importantly do not miss out on the design, viewable from mobile phones. As more than 65% of online purchases get done through phones.

Thus, the eCommerce site must be well fitted on this small screen, along with the best possible engaging designs. That can get accessed via a mere touch and tap. And make sure the products are well displayed and described, to improve the accessibility and search.

⇒ Easy to use the navigation:

How often do you find yourself switching to another E-commerce site, just because the navigation to reach your product seemed too tedious and boring? That is to say, a blank search bar and a couple of tabs are not enough to find the products easily if you have not properly grouped them. And divided into different sets and labels under product types.

Also, having a lot of tabs, buttons, and categories to choose from may leave the customer confused. Thus, a well-trimmed down, the confined navigation bar is the topmost requirement with proper guiding sub-tabs. That easily slides the customer to their desired search result.

⇒ Faster and easy checkout process:

The most important part of online purchase is to have an easy, secure and faster mode of payment. In other words, customers need an option of payment available that is most feasible to them and secure. So providing a lot of payment options is obviously good. The digital payment options have grown to several options as per the locations of the customer, and integration of these payments options is a must on your site.

This also saves you to from sending your customer to the new web page of the payment gateway partner. The friction-less and seamless checkout page completes the order and leaves the customer with the choice to continue or exit the site. And without any need for extra sign-up or any other registrations to pay. The user will undoubtedly get impressed and would return to buy some more.

⇒ Customer service is a must for a good User experience:

A seller’s responsibility doesn’t end at the payment received and delivery made. But until the customer, is truly satisfied the store needs to provide reasonable customer support to solve any queries that the customer may come across.


If you keep in mind, the customer’s needs while designing the site. Which is packed with eye-catching UX then undoubtedly your site will earn the customer’s loyalty, keeping them coming back for more shopping. That will significantly increase your customer retention rate which is directly proportional to the revenue increase.

There are three responses to a piece of design– yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for

Milton Glaser

Hence, customers identification, their needs, easy-to-use navigation, faster checkout points, summing to the User experience will help you prepare a recipe for success.

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